Ocean Life Raft


Ocean Life Raft

 life raft

Pendana’s Ocean life Raft is an AVON Ocean eight person life raft ISO9650 which is built to withstand hell at sea.

Included inside the raft once hydrostatically released from Pendana is:

1 Safety Knife – To Cut Painter
1 First Aid Pack
Drinking Water – 1 Pint (0.5 Litre) Per Person
1 Signalling Torch (Flashlight)
2 Spare Batteries And Bulb
2 Paddles
2 Parachute Flares
3 Hand Flares
1 Sun Signalling Mirror
1 Distress Signal Table
1 Bailer
2 Sponges
1 Sea Anchor – 100 (30 M) Line
1 Rescue Quoit On 100 (30 M) Line
1 Bellows
1 Repair Kit Incl. Leak Stoppers For Rapid Repairs
6 Anti-Sea Sickness Pills Per Person
1 Whistle
1 Fishing Kit
Advice On Immediate Emergency Procedures

The Avon standard Ocean-going liferaft has many features, including vacuum packing for extra stowed protection, more internal headroom, easier boarding, greater night time visibility, and a new weighted ladder.  The buoyancy tubes are made of tough heavy-duty nylon, calendered with a specially formulated neoprene, for maximum air retention and resistance to weathering.


Coean Life Raft for boats travelling the worlds oceans.