Medical/Defib Kits


Medical Kit and Defibrillator

Pendana carries two full medical kits and an AED Debibrillator unit ans as such, we can now handle just about any situation at sea and keep a patient comfortable until we reach land.  

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Both my wife and I have undergone medical training specifically designed to deal with events and incidents at sea which was a real eye opener.  I didn’t realise how many varied, interesting and well intentioned actions can actually kill a person. That being said,  if a medical emergency does arise we will be able to administer all manner of drugs on permission from a medical practioner who we would in this situation raise on the satellite phone.

 medical kits


Air Splint Half Arm x 2

Air Splint Leg x 2

Syringe only 6ml x 3

Syringe only 30ml x 2

Guedal Airway Size 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. X 1 each size

Syringe w/needle 3ml x 30

Thermometer x 1

Sodium Chloride 90mg in 10ml x 5

Suture Needle and thread size 3 x 3

Nitrolingual Pump Spray 400 ncg dose 200 dose (Glyceryl Trinitrate) x 1

Oxycodone Capsules 5mg x 20 tabs x 2

Adrenaline Injection BP 5 x ampoules of 1 ml x 2 packs

Pethidine Hydrochloride injection BP ampoules 100mg x 5 x 1 pack

Maxolon Tablets 10mg x 25 tabs x 1

Stemetil Tablets 5mg x 25 tabs x 1

Avomine travel sickness tablets 10 tabs x 1

Panadol 48 mini caps x 1

Disprin 24 tabs x 1

Stemetil nausea tablets x 25 x 1

Avomine 25mg tablets x 30 x 1

Travel Calm tablets x 10 x 1

Travel Calm travel band x 1

Blackmores Travel clam Ginger 45 tablets x 2

Anticol lozenge x 1

Butter Menthol lozenge x 1

Betadine shore throat gargle x 1

Diarrhoea Relief tablets x 20 x 1

Sudafed nasal decongestant tabs x 12 x 2

Sudafed nasal decongestant spray x 1

Codral Day & Night cold and flu tablets x 24 x 1

Panadine Forte Tablets 500mg/30mg x 20 tabs x 1

Dentist in a box emergency dental kit

Sterile Suture Pack #2 multigate x 1

Gastrolyte  Diarrhoea sachets x 10 x 1


Basic dressing pack x 4

Sterilizer dressing large assorted x 6

Sterilizer dressing small assorted x 9

Assorted bandages x 12

Blood pressure machine x 1

Stethoscope x 1

CPR mask x 1 small x 1 large

Burn Aid Gel Tube 50g x 1

Burn Aid Gel Tube 25g x 1

Rapaid Antiseptic Skin relief Cream tube x 25g x 2

Rapaid Antiseptic Spray  50ml x 1

Providone-Iodine Solution 100ml x 1

Aerowash Eye and wound irrigation x 6

Chlorhexidine and Cetrimide irrigation sterile 30ml x 6

Triangular Bandage x 5

Thermal Shock Blanket x 2

Conforming Gauze Bandage assorted x 6

AeroGlove Sterile x 7

Nurses watch x 1

Pupil gauge Light x 1

Pen and notebook x 1 each

Scissors x 2

Safety Pins assorted x 1

Tweezers x 1

Splinter probes x 10

Germ Buster hand wash 150ml tube x 2

Burn Aid dressing sterile pad x 1

Aeroplast instant Ice Pack x 2

Cotton Buds x 100 x 1

Zinc Oxide Adhesive Tape x 1

Assorted roles of tape x 3

Sentry Sterile medical wound dressing x 4

Aero wound Sterile dressing x 2

AeroPlast fabric dressing large x 1

AeroPlast fabric dressing small x 1

Aerowipe 100 alcohol swabs x 1

Aeroplast butterly closure strips x 10 x 1

Contaminated sharps container x 1

 medical kits

Medical Defib Kits at sea.  First aid kits including content for boats at sea.