Nordhavn 62 – MV Pendana takes to the world’s oceans

For the trip to Whitsundays and back the Crew who will be running and responsible for Pendana will be:

Dr James Ellingford

 James Ellingford and Mark James

Captain Mark James

captain mark james 

Mrs Claire Ellingford

 Claire Ellingford

Pendana will be running a three by four hour shift, which basically means each crew member is running a traditional four hours on, eight hours off  watch schedule. 

Watchkeeping will be broken up to ensure Pendana can run day and night until making landfall while ensuring all the crew are well rested.  

The Schedule:

0600 – 1000  Claire & Abi
1000-1400 James & Bianca
1400-1800 Mark
1800-2200 Claire & Abi
2200-0200 James & Bianca
0200-0600 Mark







Junior crew for this trip will be the delightful Abi and Bianca whose job it will be to help on watch and have as much fun as possible! 

whitehaven beach pendana


 Whitehaven Beach, Whitsundays

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