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James & Claire aboard Pendana

I have been fortunate in my corporate career to be able (in the main) to work with far smarter people than myself and as such, I was lucky enough to be able to retire early so that we now have the time to pursue our lifelong passion of being on the water.

Both my wife (Claire) and I have owned boats most of our adult lives. From the early days of owning a Bertram 25 to a Magnum 35 sports boats and finally a Riviera Passagemaker 46.  Once retired, we started our intense search for the perfect Nordhavn 62, and thankfully found Pendana.

In August 2018 Pendana was sold and we regret that decision every single day.  That said, she is in good hands with the new owners who are more than capable of carrying on the tradition of forging a head.  Both Claire, the girls and wish them all the very best.

Safe travels.

James & Claire

Couple cruise the world on their boat a Nordhavn 62 called Pendana.  james and Claire Ellingford defi the odds and transerve the worlds oceans.