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As work continues on Pendana it was time to head up the Duwamish River and its industrialized estuary known as the Duwamish Waterway. A pretty trip it wasn’t but it was necessary as we were headed to Delta Marine to have Pendana lifted from the water as phase two of our refit continues. We needed to do a few things least of all was to have a few coats of Seahawk Biocop TF (antifoul paint) applied to her hull.

In my mind, I have broken this work into three sections.

Part One, demolition of Pendana’s interior and basic jobs,

Part Two, Delta Marine, bottom paint, props and through-hulls and;

Part Three, putting Pendana back together.

We are currently at the start of Part two (Delta) after three and half weeks, which considering everything that has been done we are in pretty good shape.

Headliners down and off to NW Design Guild to recover

Headliners being recovered

Looking good

New headliner installed

During the last few weeks the folks at NW Design Guild have been incredibly busy with Pendana and have now completed the new custom couch, redesigned the built in salon and pilothouse sofa and recovered both. They have completed the fifteen or so headliners, remodelled the new tub chairs, made new flopper stopper covers and finalised the new galley splashback. There is little doubt that we arrived here in Seattle at the perfect time as they have about six BIG Westport boats lined up to do after Pendana. I am just really glad we were first cab off the rank and pleased they are on board as we couldn’t have pulled this off without them!

New standalone chair being worked on

TRIVIA TIME…. The gentleman pictured above, Sohn Lewis, is in fact from Maryland (now lives in Seattle) and did all the furniture for the TV show House of Cards as a thirty year veteran Furniture builder there is no doubt we are in good hands. Also, another fun fact is that another one of NW Design Guild’s team, Bryce Smith is an actor, singer and has played the lead role in many US productions. Bryce is also playing the lead in the upcoming Peter and The Starcatcher here in Seattle. Little doubt the NW Design Guild’s talent run in many different directions.

Base for new salon sofa

Dave Smith from InGrain Furniture has almost completed the new salon table which is more like a hand crafted piece of art than a table and plans to install it in about a week, while Dale McCurdy from NW Stoneworks Inc (the stone/marble guys) is on standby to install the new galley counter top and splash back after removing and demolishing what was in place a few weeks earlier. All in all, its all systems go, go, go!

I must say that what David Smith is doing with our new salon table is remarkable. The table really will be more like a piece of art that a mere table and both Claire and I are immensely grateful to him for spending the countless hours creating this masterpiece. Due to the SURPRISE factor (good or bad) unfortunately I am unable to share with you at this stage what the table is going to look like.

Ok, ok…., here is a sneak peak, and yes, that is Wenge

I must say how grateful we are to have Dale from NW Stoneworks Inc (phone 206-396-1762) doing our new counter top. What Dale does not know about installing, cutting and templating is not worth knowing. In fact, Dale is so well regarded that he is flown all over the world to do marble work on much, much larger boats than Pendana.

The old counter before demolition begins

Let the work begin

One side almost done in an hour

All removed in about three hours

Mike cutting the counter base to the new size

Counter ready for new surface

Mickey Smith moving so fast he is a blur……changing out the troublesome battery switch which caused two unauthorised engine shutdowns over the past few years

Eric installing a new power point for table lamp, which Claire says we are now not going to have

Glen filling up Pendana’s new oil tanks with Delo 15W40

PYM has done just about everything on our list with our new air handlers and fifteen brand new Lewmar Ocean hatches left to install, while I plod along installing the new Ocean Air screens. Mike in the wood shop has done a great job on the cabinetry and is ready for the finish work to begin once we return to SBMC.

Mike in PYM’s full cabinetry work-shop

Mike milling down a piece of new TV cabinet

Mike rebuilding and matching the rail from our previous cabinet

Mike setting up the new rail having to copy the one that was on Pendana

Perfect match. Note the con-curve on the inside edge is perfectly matched

Amazing what this guy can do with wood – simply amazing

Onto more mundane things, the weather continues to delight and with headlines such as, Record-breaking 10 inches of rain recorded in Seattle you can imagine how I feel! Seattle ended October with a whopping 10.05 inches of total rainfall, according to the National Weather Service which shatters the old record of 8.96 inches set in 2003 oh that is just great! The normal rainfall for October is 3.48 inches but while the Ellingford’s are in town we had ten inches of rain which set a new record in Seattle.

New headliners going back up

They look great and all done in under one week

Something that did bring me a whole lot of joy to my rain induced depression was a recent video I was able to get my hands on of the famous David Wright from ABT-TRAC skydiving for the very first time. As most would know, the landing is a pretty important part of the jump experience and it would appear, that the much loved Dave, failed to lift his legs in the air high enough, and, well, the inevitable face plant followed. Yes, I do have photos…..

Dave looking oh so confident about the upcoming jump!

Dave demonstrating the parachute face-plant manoeuvre

When we were in Hawaii I decided I would replace our two flood lights on the Portuguese bridge. I was very pleased that I managed the install the new lights by myself but the only issue was, they didn’t work. When Mickey came over, I removed the panels only to find out that I didn’t wire up one side and on the other side was wired up so badly that when Micky gave a slight tug on the cables the connectors simply fell apart. Embarrassing yes! More ammunition for Mickey to use against me, yes!

Ah right, that was the issue….Mickey sniggers away

We have now installed several new power points on Pendana which include USB charging plugs – anything to help with cables running everywhere

Another item that needed replacing were the fifteen Ocean Air screens as they were looking pretty terrible. I am glad to say that I was able to contact the US office for Ocean Air and happened across, probably the most helpful person around. Carmen Bortell,( from Ocean Air USA spent a long time with me on numerous phone calls until we both decided the best thing to do was simply ship all the screens back to them and have them replace the screens themselves and give the frames a bit of a clean and some general maintenance. Thank god for Carmen that’s all I have to say.

Screens ready to be packaged up and shipped to Ocean Air USA

Someone said to me the other day if I would manage their refit for them as the timeframe we are doing our refit in was, in their eyes, a remarkable achievement. The reason why this refit is going so well is simply due to the copious amounts of pre-planning beforehand. This allowed everyone enough time to schedule the work so that when we arrived in Seattle everyone was ready to go.

Brett installing new seals in all the heads

To give you some idea, at the three week mark we have recovered all the headliners and installed them, re built the pilothouse and salon sofas, made a few new (large) items that I can’t disclose just yet and have had the old cabinet cut back and the new TV and TV lift installed awaiting finishing. We have had the carpet delivered to installer and binder, new flopper stopper covers made, Sat domes painted, fifteen brand new Lewmar hatches delivered and we are about one week away from having our fifteen Ocean Air screens returned. We have had all the aircon handlers removed with the new ones about a week away from installation. All heads have had new seals installed and all the small jobs on the mechanical side of things is now complete. On top of this our old granite counter top has been removed with the new one a ready for installation. There are probably another thirty items that I haven’t mentioned which are also now complete.

KVH Satellite domes given a fresh coat of paint

Mickey installing the repainted satellite domes – looking good, the domes that is, not Mickey!

There is little doubt that we have hit the ground running and are making quick work of this year’s list thanks to the companies involved. I believe that we will have this job done and dusted in well under the ten week estimate which is a lot better than the twenty six week time-frame some companies were quoting.

While in Seattle we decided to take a drive over the Cascade Mountains to the old western town of Winthrop. A short drive it isn’t but a beautiful drive it most certainly is. The vistas were to die for and this drive matched everything we saw, if not slightly edged it out British Columbia. Washington is a remarkable state, if not for the rain it could be a place to call home.

The old town of Winthrop

Winthrop WA

Time to refuel the car at the ‘old’ gas station

Snow, yes snow on top of the Cascade Mountains

Coming through the Ballard Locks when we arrived in Seattle it was obvious that the fenders Pendana has really are way too heavy and hard to handle. As such, after some strong encouragement from Don Stabbert, I decided to buy new fenders and while some were pushing me towards the Aere fender I decided that if I were to upgrade my fenders then I would go with ProStock Marine fenders. There is little doubt that the ProStock Marine fenders are the best fender on the market today. In fact, ProStock Marine are one of the largest fender manufacturers in the world. Cheap they are not, but built to last they most certainly are and with their electro weld technology ensuring there is no seam to come undone or glue to give way, I am sure that these fenders will last the test of time.

Now to buy some new fender lines

Glen fixing a pesky leak we had on our hydraulic anchor wash pump

Is that burning I smell…. Oh yes it is! It would appear that when I washing the foredeck this morning I inadvertently sprayed water up and into the underside of the davit (crane), which decided to trickle down inside the boat making its way to one of our Outback Inverters. Thankfully the circuit breaker tripped shutting down power to the device and Micky Smith was once again on hand to diagnose the issue. “Yep, your fault James” was his response. Thanks Micky!

The aroma of burning wet electrics fills the air


Within a few hours Mickey Smith from PYM had the new unit installed together with a water shield to protect it just in case I am foolish enough to make the same mistake twice

When we bought Pendana some five years ago, the previous owners had a statue in the salon secured by four screws into the rear salon wall. Anyway when the owners removed the statue nasty screw marks which were left have now, finally been fixed.

Holes that were left

All fixed

Chris from PYM and Mickey come to Delta Marine with me for the ride and to also help getting through the Ballard Locks


Very weird looking through Pendana’s windows and seeing the Skyline of Seattle

Windfligth and Red Rover both here on our arrival

Pendana ready to be lifted from water

That’s all for now.

Stay safe


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  1. Thank you for the continuing log as it really shows what is evolved in owning and maintaining such a beautiful vessel. My question is why have you installed USA power points instead of the three pin sockets we use in Australia ? I do congratulate you on the standard of workmanship you have achieved with you team of slaves in such a short time frame. Jon Hancock

  2. Response to a post by Jon Hancock who said:

    Thank you for the continuing log as it really shows what is evolved in owning and maintaining such a beautiful vessel. My question is why have you installed USA power points instead of the three pin sockets we use in Australia ? I do congratulate you…

    Hello Jon and thank you for you note…. We didnt in fact install US power-points as this is a US boat and we bought Pendana in the USA and as such didnt change them when we can to Australia. She is a 120/240v boat and can basically plug into any country in the world. The only issue was that we needed to order a kettle and hairdryer from the USA other than that no issues while in Australia.

  3. SUBJECT: Re: More Seattle Loving

    Hello James:

    You mentioned the Battery switch caused two unexpected engine shutdowns during the past year. Would you elaborate a little more on how the battery switch caused you so much trouble?

    Thank you,


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  4. Response to a post by mk_china who said:

    SUBJECT: Re: More Seattle Loving

    Hello James:

    You mentioned the Battery switch caused two unexpected engine shutdowns during the past year. Would you elaborate a little more on how the battery switch caused you so much trouble?

    Thank you,


    Micheal, we replaced the Hella switch as it was turning off when one would simply brush past it… this switch provides voltage to the main engine shut off valve so no voltage, engine shuts down. The switch has now been replaced and even if I give it a good flick with my finger the thing is holding in the on position. The old switch would shut off the engine if you blew too hard on it so obviously had had its day!


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