Nordhavn 62 Pendana – How The Numbers Stacked Up – 2014


How The Numbers Stacked Up – 2014

At the end of each year I run the numbers to show what it actually costs to own one of these boats and this is now the third year I have done this.  I do this as a question that is often asked of me and others who own Nordhavns is, “What should I budget annually for maintenance”?  But, before I get to the numbers here are a few pictures of our recent time away on Pendana.

On this trip we decided it was high time to introduce the three cats and one large (50kgs/110Lbs) Bernese Mountain Dog, Caesar The Magnificent to Pendana.


I am happy to report that all went well and the animals behaved perfectly, well almost!  On a perfect Sydney summers day, Abi and I decided to go out on the Jet ski to have a bit of fun – we said goodbye to Caesar, Bianca and Claire as we headed off on our run.  As we hit 100kph /60mph my hat decided to fly off (thank God!) and as such, we turned the ski around to collect it from the water. 

With the ski engine in idle forward Abi and I both heard Claire and Bianca screaming, the blood curdling sort of scream as if their nails were being ripped off and we both saw them waving their arms furiously at us.  Abi thought, shark; I thought shark quickly followed by “JAWS”!  As we headed back to Pendana at double pace we were confronted with a scene far worse than we could have imagined.  Caesar had apparently jumped in the water after us (as not wanting to be left behind) and was now in a wee spot of bother.

With Jet ski tied up I quickly jumped into the water.  I positioned myself on lower rear step of Pendana and with my right hand held onto the stainless staple barrier of the swim step (as if about to start a backstroke swimming race) I was able to create a place where Caesar could sit, i.e. on my lap.  Clever Caesar swam over to me and instinctively sat on my lap.  I am sure he thought to himself problem over Dad’s here now, all will be fine. Little did he know that as we both sat in the water, his additional 50kgs/110Lbs soon had my arms feeling the strain and with a 4 metre / 13ft Great White shark now circling…………….. ok, ok, so there was no shark circling – we needed to get him out of the water sooner rather than later.

Try as we might, there was no way to lift him out of the water and onto the swim step which sits about ½ metre / 2ft from the waterline.  The longer it took the worse my arms were feeling and while Caesar was calm as a cucumber sitting where he was, I was in real danger of not being able to hang on much longer.  I said to Claire and Abi that I had about one minute left before I would have to let him go.

I asked Abi to quickly get the foam lily pad from the foredeck which can hold 100kgs / 220Ilbs as that was at this stage the only solution. 

Lily pad in action… (stock photo).

The only problem was that our lily pad had been rolled up for three months and once Claire removed the Velcro strap it was not going to flatten out anytime soon. With that hope dashed I was thinking it was time to get Caesar onto the back of the Jet ski so I could rest and we could all regroup when, all of a sudden Abi said, “Why don’t we use this Velcro strap”?  With that, Claire was flat on her stomach passing the strap round Caesars torso and within what seemed like seconds the strap was securely around Caesar.  With one almighty heave and one super strength pull from Claire, Caesar started to raise out of the water and with his front paws now on the deck and back legs in my lap he slowly but surely started to lift himself from the water and was soon back on deck and no doubt feeling a little sorry for himself.  Poor Caesar was exhausted and lay down on the cockpit floor almost immediately. 

Sorry Dad!

After this learning event it was clear that getting anything out of the water with any weight was going to be a huge challenge.  Adrenalin is a wonderful thing but we need to be much more prepared for this situation in future.  As such, we will now be storing the lily pad flat as this is a great solution and would have worked perfectly if not for the fact that it wouldn’t unravel out of its large curl.  I have now bought a dog harness as well as, a few more large width Velcro straps as while I believe that he won’t make this mistake again one can’t be 100% sure.  Marcianne Laycock, another Nordhavn owner who also has a rather large dog, said that Gulliver (her dog) had also done the same thing (jump into the water) and to date had not repeated that particular moment of madness.  One can hopefully take some comfort in that.

Marcianne and Gulliver.

Caesar thanking the girls with a little loving!

Other than spending some time on board with the animals in preparation for our adventures in April next year we also wanted to put our new jet ski through its paces. I must say that these things are about as much fun as one can have legally.  I didn’t think I was the jet ski type (if there is a type) but honestly these machines are amazing and such great fun that everyone should have one.

Abi Ellingford

Abi mastering the ski very quickly.

Dr james Ellingford

Great to be so close to the water!

Bianca being taken for a fast SCARY ride!

I must say that Abi has taken to both the jet ski and the tender like a duck to water.  She just gets it, which is great as I am sure the ski and tender will provide her with the ability to gain a little freedom and get away from it all when required.

Abi Ellingford

Abi putting the Jet ski through its paces.

Caesar on his first ever tender ride.

Abi Ellingford

Both Abi and Caesar having a ball.

Too cute for words… (sorry, if you are not a dog person!)

Now, for those who know the Nordhavn 62, would have to be asking, how on earth is Caesar going to get to the Pilothouse as both the internal and external stairs are quite steep.  Thankfully there are steps available from a US company called Pet Loader ( that I ordered a few months ago.  These steps provide a gradual incline for both man and large dogs alike and are truly a great long term solution and so far have worked perfectly.

Pet Loader Steps

Pet Loader steps in action.

Ok so let’s get down to the numbers and the reason for this blog.  As I have maintained all along, buying a boat is one thing, maintaining it and running it is another thing altogether. 

The general thought is that between 5-10% of the purchase price is required annually to fund what is an expensive past time.  I personally believe the range is more like 7-15% but that’s probably because I am an idiot and can’t do terribly much myself when it comes to mechanics and electrics.

Following is a quick recap on what we have spent on Pendana over the first three years, Yr 1 – $160K, Yr 2 $110K and Yr 3 – 180K. or in other words an average of $150K per year.  Now, it is true that $100K was spent this year on Pendana upgrading her electronics for our global cruise, triple checking a number of items that perhaps under other circumstances would not have been necessary so one could easily argue the average spend to be around $116K pa and not the $150K actual.  Furthermore, if you are little more clued in than I, then certainly this number could be shaved by another $20K per year bringing the average annual spend to $96K.  If you wanted to reduce the amount spent even further then I guess you could always forgo berthing at a marina, not use crew or insure your boat, don’t use it much and don’t fix things when they break. Everyone is different and everyone has different requirements but I like Pendana to be kept in tip top shape and as such no expense is spared.  The number is in and that number is large but also reflect the actual reality of what it costs to own one of these magnificent vessels.

Below is a summary table of what things have ACTUALLY cost over the past three years plus or minus 10%.



Marina Fees

 $           22,740.00

Engine Maintenance

 $              1,926.13

Electrical, Hydraulics, Toilets,

 $                           –  


 $           10,000.00

Maintenance/GPS/ Batteries

 $           11,720.55

Washing & Detailing Boat

 $              2,820.00


 $              7,411.00

First Aid

 $                 950.00


 $              6,000.00


 $                           –  

Stern Thurster

 $                           –  


 $              5,000.00


 $              1,000.00

Hull cleaning Divers

 $              1,800.00


 $              1,200.00


 $              1,939.14

7 new Batteries & install

 $              9,394.00

Electronics UPGRADE

 $           36,608.57


 $              1,400.00


 $              9,180.00

Gold Coast Work

 $           47,167.02

 $         178,256.41

Large cost items – Electronics upgrade, new screens, new software, FLIR system etc.  Gold Coast work, repainting part of hull, rebuild davit and windlass x 2



Marina Fees

 $    25,781.00

Engine Maintenance

 $      1,588.44


 $      6,000.00

Electrical, Hydraulics, Toilets,

Airconditioning Maintenance

 $      3,767.80

Washing & Detailing Boat

 $      6,660.00

Repairs etc

 $          525.00

Bottom Paint

 $      2,376.00

Haul Out

 $    45,000.00


 $          936.00


 $      1,658.00


 $                   –  

Hull Cleaning Divers

 $          500.00


 $      1,000.00


 $      5,000.00


 $      8,500.00

 $  109,292.24

Further cost breakdown and explanation can be found on earlier blog.



Marina Fees

 $       21,992.00

Engine Maintenance

 $         4,869.05

Electrical, Hydraulics, Toilets,

Airconditioning Maintenance

 $       20,536.71

Washing & Detailing Boat

 $       17,087.37


 $         5,339.00

First Aid

 $         1,500.00


 $       19,517.38

Stern Thurster

 $       38,859.20


 $       16,072.92

Hull cleaning Divers

 $         2,100.00


 $         3,911.00


 $         8,000.00

 $     159,784.63

Further cost breakdown and explanation can be found on earlier blog.

So in short, this is how our numbers stacked up and while they may be a little high I can’t stress enough the importance of taking the ongoing expense items into consideration when buying, what is, a complex piece of machinery.  I will continue tracking our costs next year as it will be interesting to see where the money is spent when voyaging. 

Next year the Pendanablog interviews will continue and I am pleased to say that I have some very big names lined up who have all been gracious enough to put themselves out there and agreed to be interviewed. 2015 will be a big year and the plan is for Pendana and her crew to be in Hawaii celebrating Christmas 2015!

Finally, may I wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and best wishes for the year ahead as this will be the last blog entry for the 2014 year.  I sincerely hope that the holiday season brings with it the time needed to relax. Thank you for taking the time to read the Pendana blog and thank you for all your comments, encouragement and support over the past twelve months.

Now it’s time for me to sit back, relax, enjoy time with the family and friends and of course enjoy the festive season. 

Safe travels


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  5. I am thoroughly enjoying this blog. It’s very inviting and the topics are very interesting. All the photos really bring it to life.

  6. N62 an uber beautiful boat but 150K (plus all the taxes to pay before that 150 is on yr table) costs per year would even make my beautiful wife look ugly.

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