What year was Nordhavn Pendana built?

– Pendana was built in 2001

What hull number is she?

– Pendana is hull #20

Who built Pendana?

– Nordhavn

Who was the orginal owner?

– The original owner was Mickey Smith

What was Pendana’s original name?

– Pendana’s original name was Discovery

What engine does Pendana have?

– Pendana is powered by a Cummins N14

What is Pendana’s hull speed?

– Her hull speed is 9.5kts

How far does Pendana travel in one hour?

– 9.5nms / 17.6klms

How much fuel does Pendana consume @9.5kts in one hour?

– Pendana would consume about 6 US Gallons / 22.7 litres 

When did you decide to take Pendana on a Circumnavigation?

– I guess the real decision on this was taken mid June 2014.

What have been the largest seas you have been in with Pendana?

– Not that I want to repeat it but we have been in 7 meter / 23ft seas.

Was it scary?

– No. Nordhavn’s are a world recognised leader in producing first class ocean capable vessels that will outlast most owners.

How much does Pendana weigh?

– Fully loaded Pendana weighs 80T.

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