Pendana Still Loving LA!

**NEWS FLASH** Some very sad news recently with the loss of MV Adventure in the Philippines. I have just spoken with her owner who said, “I’m still a little “shell-shocked” over the news. I’m currently touring around with my wife in our motor home in USA. We are on the way from Florida to Yellowstone when I heard the news. My boat is in Cebu, Philippines. We’ve had it based there for the past 5 years using it to cruise around Asia”. So sad I can’t imagine what that would be like being so far from your boat when a tragic event like this occurred. Adventure’s owner went onto say, “We were planning to embark on a cruise to Australia and the Great Barrier Reef in a few months. Since I’m 12,000 miles away, I don’t have much more information at this stage”. He did mention that there were no casualties which is I guess something to be thankful for in all of this.

As most would know Grey Pearl another Nordhavn 62 was lost in similar circumstances and I am just wondering if this is more than a coincidence. I am pretty sure that the inverters on both Gray Pearl and Adventure are mounted near the water heater. Perhaps the water heater sprung a leak or one of the fittings failed, spraying water into the inverters. That would certainly cause a major problem. Just a thought!

Finally, the owner of Adventure has promised to keep in touch and let me know if they ever find out what exactly happened and if there is more news, I will report it accordingly. Sadly, like most of these incidents, it is very unlikely we will ever know what actually occurred.

Now for some different news! We have been up to the usual touristy things seeing most of what’s on offer here in LA. I must confess that the VIP pricing at Universal Studios came as somewhat of a shock with each ticket costing US$349.00 which made for an expensive day out! That being said, however, I am pleased to report that the day at Universal was worth every penny!

Our dock buddies from San Francisco were in town as they own property in Corona Del Mar and invited us over for dinner. It was great to catch up with Flo, Jeff and their son Juaquin and it was fantastic to see the beautiful Jezzabella once more. Still perplexed as to why Jezzabella doesn’t want to come with us, but I can assure you it is not from a want of trying.

Now one thing that has bothered me for some time is the term SUPERYACHT. What does it actually mean? Well, after some research it would appear that the definition of Superyacht is “A superyacht is a commercially operated luxury yacht (motor or sail powered), which is professionally crewed and has a length of 24 metres / 78.74 foot and above”. Ridiculous! My opinion, for what it is worth is, a superyacht should be defined as a vessel greater than 40 metres /131 foot in length which by virtue of its size would mean it would carry professional crew. To call an 80ft /24.38mtr boat a superyacht is simply ridiculous. This then begs the question of what a MEGAYACHT is and it would appear that the definition remains identical as that for the superyacht. Why? I have no idea. Surely a Megayacht should be a vessel greater than 200ft / 61mtrs? As for all vessels under 131ft /40mtrs in my view they should just simply be called boats. Sure, at 120ft they are a big boat but a boat nonetheless. Superyachts and Megayachts surely should remain the domain exclusively for the very large boats with professional crew in excess of 131ft and 200ft respectively. Time for the definition to change I be thinking! Thoughts anyone?

Personally, I think the marine industry should get its act together and sort this out as the current definitions are inadequate and simply do not reflect the real differences between categories. Comment below and let me know what you think?

The marina here in LA where we are staying is simply superb and has everything any boater could ask for. With concrete floating docks, wide slips, 24/7 security patrol, full-time dock attendants, pump-out station, ample parking with ADA access, security gates to docks, large dock boxes, fitness centre, pool, and even a barbecue area with restrooms and showers. It also has a laundry room, ice delivery service, storage lockers, dry cleaning pick up and drop off lockers, complimentary bike & kayak usage, TV, phone, and internet hook-ups and furnished rentable guest suites which overlook the marina. It is also incredibly well located with numerous restaurants and grocery stores, including Gelson’s, Ralphs, Tony P’s Dockside Grill, Killer Shrimp and Café, The Cheesecake Factory (a Pendana fav being so close!), The Charthouse (also very nice!), Beachside, Cafe Del Rey, Cast and Plow and a great bar at The Ritz Carlton. With restaurant delivery and 24/7 access to an online community network that provides a weekend Shuttle Service from Marina Del Rey to Santa Monica what more could one ask for? Seriously, there is nothing more anyone could ever need. Glad to be here that’s for sure!

Nordhavn, as most would know are serious offshore boats not only capable of traversing just about any ocean and survive, but thrive being subjected to some pretty insane conditions. Recently Nordhavn released some pretty impressive statistics where even Pendana got a mention.

• Over 150 Nordhavns have successfully crossed the Atlantic, Pacific and/or the Indian Ocean

• Eight Nordhavns have successfully circumnavigated the world

• Four Nordhavns have rounded Cape Horn – multiple times

• A Nordhavn 40 holds the world record for the fastest circumnavigation by a production power boat of any size

• A Nordhavn 68 has travelled further North than any private motor yacht – to 81 degrees – 27 minutes north

• A Nordhavn 57 has transited the Northwest Passage from East to West

• South Georgia Island has been visited by only one production powerboat – a Nordhavn 63

• RELIANCE, a Nordhavn 76, has visited the continent of Antarctica

• The largest fleet of production powerboats to cross the Atlantic in convoy – not once or twice but three times

• Dozens of north – south transits of the South China sea

• Dozens of east – west Mediterranean transits

• At least three Australian circumnavigations
For more information click HERE

Speaking of Nordhavn/PAE, Claire and I visited their head office recently in Dana Point and met with Dan Streech Co-Founder and as it turned out all round nice guy. In fact, Claire commented on the way home what a truly nice man Dan was and I agree 110%. We spent three enjoyable hours at Nordhavn HQ and met with a number of folks least of all their sales guru and I suspect, a pretty decent guy, Larry Gieselman. I spoke with Larry seven years ago when we were on our search for a N62 and have kept in touch with him over the years so it was great to put a face to the name. Even one likes Larrys!

Our primary reason for dropping into Nordhavn HQ was to collect our 20,000nm pennant which Becky Peters (Nordhavns’ Distance Pennant Program and Special Projects Manager) had kindly informed us of our milestone. As we hadn’t met Dan or ever been so close to their HQ Claire and I decided we would drive down from LA and say hello to the crew. Nordhavn were kind enough to put on a lunch for us and showed us around their office. I must say, it would be no hardship working at Nordhavn HQ as the view across Dana Point Marina were to die for.

Both Claire and I mentioned to Dan on our visit that we are truly forever grateful to Nordhavn and their employees for producing such a first rate vessel. Our lives are literally in their products hands, and their product, in this case Pendana, a mighty Nordhavn 62 has carried our family safely across the high seas and continues to do so. She has faced some very nasty seas and has performed flawlessly and for that, Claire and I will be forever grateful and forever in debt to the staff and the organisation which is Nordhavn/Pacific Asian Enterprises. Thank you.

Recently I posted a blog with all the classics shots from our trip so far over the past two and half years. CLICK HERE

Shortly, we will depart the USA for Mexico. The short run of around 160nms to Ensenada should be pretty straight forward and other than re calibrating our Airmar WX220 (wind instrument) we should be in for a smooth ride.

Our plan is to return to California next year, US Customs & Boarder Protection willing, as we really want another six months to further explore Los Angeles and San Diego. Post that, we leave the west coast of America and head south, past Mexico, through the Panama Canal and onto Cuba, Turks and Caicos and the Bahamas.

Just as a reminder Volume two for Cruising Conversations has now been released and is available for order. Please click HERE

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    It is Buccaneer Days this Thursday to Sunday in Catalina at the Isthmus. You should grab some pirate grab and head over to the island.  It”s quite the party…



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  2. Thanks James, informative and entertaining travelogue with a difference as usual, also stirring the envy a bit, no a lot. 🙂 You and the family are indeed fortunate, living the dream.

  3. Response to a post by Gary who said:

    Thanks James, informative and entertaining travelogue with a difference as usual, also stirring the envy a bit, no a lot. 🙂 You and the family are indeed fortunate, living the dream.

    Thank you is too short not to try and be a little entertaining, right?.

  4. First hand account just in- Jim Klintergaard said, “I went down to the Marina Tuesday where it happen and spoke to the Harbormaster. Curious, because I own a Nordhavn myself and I am a former Marine Surveyor. The fire started Sunday shortly after Lunch. Smoke came out from the area where she power cable was connected. Local people went on board, because the owner was not on board. They had to brake up a hatch to get into boat and they tried to stop the fire, but with no luck. Very quick they had to leave probably because of smoke and heat. In short time the boat was in full fire, as picture shows”.

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