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The superyachts Delta Marine make

Phase two began with our departure from SBMC and arrival at Delta Marine.  With a super moon coinciding with our lift and the notorious Duwamish River capable of delivering 5-6kts of current I was pleased that Delta Marine had scheduled our lift at slack water to ensure a safe exit onto dry land. 

I decided to treat Pendana to the professional hands of Mr Graeme Heys from Delta Marine.  Graeme is not only a Superyacht and Large Ships Captain who is more at home with vessels in the 300-700ft plus range, but he is also Delta Marine’s test pilot so to speak.  That’s right, Graeme gets to handle all of Delta’s brand new boats on their very first run and shake-down cruise.  It must be noted that I rarely hand over control of Pendana if ever, as I love manoeuvring Pendana in close quarters, but I wanted to see how Graeme went about things and, if the truth be told, I could tell he wanted to do it!  Bottom line is that he did a great job for a guy who has not touched Pendana’s controls before he made it look like he had travelled across oceans in her.

Graeme Heys at the helm and very much in control


All lined up

Push boat the ready although not required

There is something unnatural about seeing boats high and dry from their water based home and there is no difference when Pendana is on hard stand.  Her sleek lines somehow seem to vanish giving way to her massive hull which is usually hidden below the waterline. On land, her hull takes on a new authority and dwarfs her sleek lines that once ruled. 

Here she comes

Pendana on her way to her new home for the next week

I am glad to say that Delta Marine’s crew, the folks that would ensure a safe lift from the water, were both professional and more than capable.  I guess these guys are used to lifting superyachts so for them, lifting a small boat like Pendana would be a little like lifting a tender.  For us however, lifting eighty tonnes of boat from the water is not something one wants to see go badly and, as such, it would be interesting to see how Delta performed against my much loved yard in Australia, Gold Coast City Marina.  I am pleased to report that Delta Marine was every bit (even if not a touch more) as professional as Gold Coast City Marina and Delta’s reputation for being simply the best in this part of the world, is truly well deserved.

It is no secret that I am huge fan of Seahawk Paints which I talked about in an earlier blog which can be found HERE.  The local Seahawk rep here in Seattle, Tony Bulpin could not have been more helpful and was on hand when Pendana came out of the water to make sure the wash down was performed correctly.  Honestly, what other company does that these days?

The bottom paint currently on Pendana’s hull is about three years old and could have easily gone another year.  As we won’t be coming out of the water for another two years I decided to have new paint applied.  I have said it before and I will say it again Seahawk Biocop TF is simply the best paint there is. You don’t see too many boats looking like this after three years.  Even the folks around Delta Marine were amazed at how good the paint held up and how good Pendana looked.

Need I say more

Tony Bulpin from Seahawk Paints and Jeff Sanson from Pacific Yacht Management

The jobs we needed to get through at Delta Marine were all pretty straight forward.  Check cutlass bearing, remove main prop and have it balanced and classed, have prop speed applied to both main prop and all thruster props. Remove Australian coolant in favour of US coolant and fix pesky small leak once and for all, check through hulls and replace where required, replace deck drain valves where required, replace anodes on the hull and pencil zincs on the engines and hydraulic cooler, remove remaining hydraulic gauges and replace with test ports, apply two coats of Seahawk Biocop TF, inspect engine belts and tighten where required and when that’s all done and dusted put Pendana back in the water for her run home to Salmon Bay Marine Centre so that phase three can begin.

Mike, from Pacific Yacht Management and Mickey Smith lead the charge on most of the work, while the guys from Splash and Detail got stuck in to give the hull and wax and polish.  The last time Pendana’s hull was done was in Hawaii when the weather was a hell of a lot nicer.  Sorry, sorry I promised I wouldn’t mention the weather.

Speaking of Hawaii, I remember having a drink with Ken Williams from San Souci while he and Roberta we in Hawaii a while ago.  Anybody who knows Ken, knows that he likes his technology.  No, hang on a minute that is not accurate at all because the truth is, that Ken is in love with technology.  Anyway while having a drink with Ken he pulled out his iPhone and started to show me the inside of San Souci which was sitting in Seattle at the time via a live video feed direct to his phone.  I was amazed and thought to myself how cool that would be to replicate a similar video system on Pendana.  Here are two images of Pendana at Delta Marine while I was in Ballard, about ten miles away.

Screenshot of iPhone App that controls the five cameras Pendana now has

Camera inside Pilothouse on Pendana. I must say the image quality is pretty darn good

I must say that the downside to my system is that each time my network changes I have to reset the main link and that takes a few moments and secondly my system is reliant on Wi-Fi which is no issue most of the time.  I guess at the end of the day cameras a pretty useless but at least I can check on her when the need arises and with motion activated sensors I can see who comes aboard if I am not around.

Over the past few months I have noticed a very, very, small leak coming from our keel cooler fittings, so this had to be sorted and Mike from PYM did a great job

Mike, general all round nice guy fixing the ever so small leak we had recently developed in our coolant elbow joints which run to the Walter Keel Cooler

Job done

Cleaning out all the yuk from screens that feed Pendana’s seachest

Who knew heat and a hydraulic press were needed to remove a prop

New zincs, both fresh and salt water compatible.  That’s right regular zincs in fresh water don’t work

Diamond Painting start prepping the hull

New Seahawk BiocopTF going on

Pendana high and dry

Keel cooler getting a good clean

While at Delta Marine, I have noticed more than one boat here putting prop speed on their Walter Keel Coolers.  I called Walter to check if this was a good idea as my thinking is that nothing should ever be applied to the keel cooler.  Walter Keel Coolers confirmed that under no circumstance should prop speed or any other material be painted to the surface of their keel coolers.

Pendana’s now documented class one propeller

While Pendana was out of the water we decided to have her main propeller classed and documented for the very first time. Pendana officially now has a Class 1 propeller.  There are four classifications for propellers S Class, being for submarines, Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3.  More can be read about documented propeller class types and tolerances here HERE

New salt/fresh water zinc in place

Our time at Delta Marine was a little longer than planned due to the Thanks Giving holiday which cost us a few lost days.  That said, in and out in ten working days is not so bad considering all that we were able to achieve.  I found Delta Marine to be very professional although a little more communication would have been good.  Diamond Painting who looked after the bottom paint application were fantastic and Tony and his team from Diamond are a great bunch of guys who are more than capable of applying paint the right way.

Departing Delta Marine, under our first two bridges we were confronted by this – best if Pendana moves over –  Photo by Mickey Smith

Seattle’s skyline as we headed back to SBMC

Thank god that is the last time up the Duwamish!

Our run back to SBMC I was simply amazed at the complete and total lack of any vibration coming from Pendana’s shaft.  Pendana didn’t suffer a lot of vibration in the past but what we were now experiencing was insane.  Was the engine even going? With the class one propeller turning there was simply no, nil. nada, zip, zilch vibration. Wow, there are no words as to the difference it made and I must confess I am so pleased we decided to get this done. Thanks to Jeff at Pacific Yacht Management who convinced me to get this done.

Mickey and Jeff in the Pilothouse

Also I must note that our bow and stern thrusters are now so much quieter since being balanced.  Amazing at the difference it has made, simply amazing. 

If your propellers are not classed and documented, then make sure you make this a priority as it is worth every cent.

Now that we are back from Delta Marine it is now time for phase three to begin.  There are still a lot of things to get done.  Cabinetry work to be finished, satellite LNB to be replaced with direct TV hook up, new stereo system to be installed, counter top, splash back and soft furnishing to be delivered and installed.  New air handlers, hatches and screens to be put in place and new lighting to be looked at for the salon with the final touch having the new carpet laid.  Our plan is to have all of this completed before Christmas.  Time to get cracking!

Jeff Sanson, glad that phase three is about to begin

New salon table starts with humble beginnings with milled wenge and walnut veneer, solid lumber, core material

Stay tuned as the The Big Reveal blog will be posted soon.  

Stay safe


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