Prince William Sound to Sitka Alaska

We departed Prince William Sound and set course for Sitka some 480nms to our south. The fifty-three hour run was perfect. Weather was perfect, sea state perfect and wind didn’t push 7kts throughout our run. To top it all off, as we departed Prince William Sound a Killer Whale, in Orca Bay no less, came alongside and wished us goodbye!

Killer Whale approached to say farewell

Killer Whale waving Pendana goodbye!

We were treated to a few beautiful sunsets as we headed south and rather than explain them, here is just one photo of the sunset/s we enjoyed!

Sunset on our first night at sea

Arriving into Sitka was a straightforward affair an other than the 100+ trawlers at the entrance of the outer bay fishing for you guessed it, Salmon, our arrival went to plan and without a hitch.

Heading through the outer break wall in Sitka

Pendana turning towards her berth in Sitka

Old boat full of character in Sitka Harbour

Sitka Harbour

We decided to hire a car and go for a drive around town. We also wanted to see if we could see our first brown bear which in these parts are apparently everywhere. I am glad to report that after some discussion regarding the sign below, we pressed on with bear spray and bells in hand.

And I am very glad we did!

Sitka Grisly/Brown Bear

What a magnificent animal!

….and what’s more, an Owl to boot!

The path to more bears and more bird life than one should really have the opportunity to see

For the record, after now seeing both the black and brown bears there is no doubt that the brown bear is much more beautiful than the black bear. The brown bear is truly majestic and in perfect proportion with its block face and square shoulders whereas the black bear has a pointy little face which, well, just doesn’t look right. In fact, we all commented that the brown bear looked remarkably like our much loved bear of our own Caesar.

Caesar trying in his lifejacket in happier days!

Just as an aside a recent video, with drone footage of our time in Prince William Sound has now been added to YouTube.

Click HERE to view video

Sitka, a town of some nine thousand people is truly a lovely little place and well worth a stop. While we were there we bumped into the charming Gary and Liz on N57 Joint Decision whom were a real treasure trove of information having crossed some 65,000nms.

Gary and Liz’s lovely N57 Joint Decision

The Harbour Master in Sitka controls five harbours making it the largest operation in the Pacific North West. I must confess the marina we were in was very big! I guess when Sitka is the 6th largest port by value for seafood harvest in the USA then they need a load of places for boats!

Just one of the marinas in Sitka

Sitka Marina

Some boats don’t get a lot of loving!

Can you spot Pendana?

Fishing, fishing and more fishing boats!

Our mates from Kodiak come to port for some fuel!

Interestingly enough we were treated to the daily ritual of some twenty or so small boats that would arrive to fillet their catch (Salmon). This process would start at about two in the afternoon and finish at around eight and night. The speed in which these guys operate has to be seen to be believed!

…and so it begins!

Overall Sitka, gets the thumbs up from us in every respect. Great feel, great people, great town and while we do miss Prince William Sound and its stunning beauty we are happy to be around a little civilisation for a while.

Next stop Canada!

Stay safe


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