Guest Interview – Lynn and Mike on TIME 2

So, Mike, tell us a little something about your cruising to date and where you have been so far?

This is our 9th year of cruising. In February 2008, we left Simons Town, South Africa on a 47ft Leopard sailing catamaran heading across the Atlantic Ocean. Our crossing took us via St Helena & Ascension Islands and a few stops on the north east coast of Brazil. After cruising the length of the eastern Caribbean, we headed north via Puerto Rico, the Turks & Caicos to the Bahamas and eventually up the east coast of the USA as far as Rhode Island.

In Sept 2010 I bought TIME2 (N5735) in Malta, then sailed her immediately to Italy to be shipped to Florida. There she had an overhaul and some upgrades from the great team at Yacht Tech. Early 2011, we did a shake-down to the Bahamas, before heading south via Key West to Cuba. From Cayo Largo, southern Cuba we stopped in at Cayman and Providencia Islands before reaching Panama, where we spent a number of months. Our highlights being the San Blas (Kuna Yala) islands and an enchanting albeit fleeting visit to beautiful Cartagena, Columbia.

In 2012 we transited the Panama canal and headed north via Costa Rica and El Salvador to Mexico, where we spent a number of months enjoying the Mexican south west coast; the Sea of Cortez and finally up the Baja peninsula. In 2013 we left San Diego/ northern Mexico for our Pacific Ocean crossing – spending time in the Marquesas, the Tuomotos, Society Islands, Cook Islands, Samoa and Fiji, ending up in Brisbane, Australia later that year. In 2014 and 2015 we dawdling up and down the Queensland coast enjoying the Great Barrier Reef. In March 2016 we crossed the Tasman Sea to New Zealand – the first time we had travelled due west and now as far south as we have ever been.

To date we have done about 20 000 miles on Time2 – visiting 17 countries.

We fly home to South Africa for a few months every year – trying to enjoy an endless summer, although New Zealand has just jinxed that for us!

Why did you choose Nordhavn?

In 2009 I saw my first Nordhavn in GeorgeTown Bahamas – the N62 called New Frontier. The owner was kind enough to show me around and it was love at first sight. I then started researching Nordhavn and was excited about what I read. The build quality and seaworthiness of these motor yachts that could cross oceans was impressive. I wanted one

Jerry on New Frontier

What has been your cruising highlight so far? …… hard to choose one!

Meeting interesting people. We have made friends all over the world, and love seeing them again as we move around the world.

All the clear blue water for fishing and diving – Bahamas; Cuba; Kuna Yala; Sea of Cortez; the Pacific islands & the Great Barrier Reef.

But the top “ on sea “ highlight, as to be sailing past the statue of Liberty into New York City.

Bora Bora

Time 2 and her sister ship Myrtle on the Great Barrier Reef

In your past life what did you and Lynn do?

Mike I have a commercial refrigeration engineering business in South Africa, and Lynn was a retail marketing specialist

Onto irritating things, have you ever run out of something while at sea that has caused problems?

Once nearly ran out of Whisky in the outer Bahamas, but luckily found some, a long dinghy ride away

Would you describe yourselves as more hunters or more gathers?

Mike: Definitely a hunter – I fish fishes every single day when possible. Lynn, more of a gather, but has been known to dive for shellfish on many occasions.

Why did you name your vessel Time 2?

Inherited the name from the previous owner, and we liked it!

What is the one lesson every boater should learn?

If you are going to do blue water cruising, you had better be able to fix most things, as a plumber, electrician & mechanic.

Travel by boat is slow and best done in fine weather conditions – do not allow friends/guests’ deadlines to put you in a compromising situation.

What is your favourite anchorage and why?

Cooks Bay, Moorea is beautiful, protected and has the nicest local people.

What is your favorite Marina and why?

Magnetic Island Marina, QLD. Fantastic little island, with great people and fairly good access to goods & services. Only 60nm from the most pristine reef with excellent diving and fishing

What is your favourite quote and why?

Mike – More of a philosophy than a quote: I never want to say .. I SHOULD HAVE

Lynn – illegitimis non carborundum (for those trying times when my patience is tested)

Do you travel with an animal/s on board?

No – we would love to have a dog, but it is too complicated crossing borders. We do however love to meet other people’s dogs. Here are two funny stories about dogs we have met

Two days after clearing customs & immigration in Havana, the drug squad finally arrived to search us. A customs official, a specialist “searcher” and the sniffer dog, a very aged spaniel named Coco….all on a small motorcycle.

The dog squad arrives!

Snorkelling in the Bahamas with a friend and his fish spotting dog, Max

What’s the biggest mistake you have ever made on the water?

Mike: Not staying hydrated – eventually got a kidney stone in Australia. Excruciating pain, with an overnight stay in hospital. Thankfully it did not happen on the Pacific crossing

Lynn: Dropping things into the water …phones, cameras …. Yes.. plural!

What is your most hated boat job?

Mike: fixing anything to do with toilets

Lynn: diesel refuelling (dirty, smells & stress around possible spills)

Tell us a little something about Time 2?

N5735. She was “famous” for being Jim Leishman’s lead boat on the Nordhavn Atlantic Rally in 2004 – previously called “Atlantic Escort”. She has the standard 3 cabin layout for 57’s and is 230v / CE certified for Europe. Powered by a single Lugger 1276a main engine with 85Hp wing engine. She has lots of extras, including a larger crane; 2 generators; 2 dinghies & a towing system The only time she has towed, was when we rescued a yacht that had ran aground / lost its rudder in the San Blas Islands, and towed it 28nm to a marina.

Towing in progress – reinforcing struts visible in pic

What is the one thing you are most afraid of?

Mike: Lightening strike

Lynn: Having to ever get into a life-raft

What would you never leave behind (besides each other) when heading out to sea?

Besides all the standard safety/ navigation equipment – A good weather report, satellite phone & sunscreen

What’s your favourite photo ever taken while at sea and why?

Lynn: Lion Fish in the San Blas Islands of Panama: The clarity of the water and the sadness of killing this alien

And finally, where to next?

Just got to New Zealand, – a new country to explore. Here we are in the Bay of Islands last week

Thank you very much for your time, will be watching this year’s progress closely.

Good luck with your travels!

If you want to follow their travels and learn more about Lynn and Mike then please visit their website at: TIME2

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