As most would know, the list of jobs on a boat never ends and there is always something to do. That being said, however, I am pleased to report that as of right now, as of this very second in time I am pleased to report that ALL and I do mean ALL jobs are complete and my list is empty! HOORAYYYYYYYY.

The fact that my work list is complete however is not the reason for this blog. The reason for this blog is to let you know that a product I mentioned, and gave a huge wrap to in a previous blog called NoFlex Digestor is unfortunately as good as I said it was.

NoFlex Digestor cleans pipes and we all want clean (black water “BW”) pipes right? Well, yes and no. The issue I had is the main line from our master head to the vacuum chamber obviously had a bit of calcified build up inside. So, I should be happy that NoFlex works right? Wrong! The reason is that every twenty-four hours or so I would be forced to inspect the duckbill valve and remove a piece of the concrete like matter that had been in the pipes for who knows how many years. This task repeated itself for five days until I said enough is enough!

The material I am referring to as shown in photo above

So with no other option I called Lance to pop over as I had a plan. The plan was to break the BW line from the master head vacuum chamber and remove the master head (toilet) itself. Then use another product I recently talked about called Blast It Out! to force water through the pip at high pressure to remove all the concrete like substance and save me another 40-50 days of daily duckbill changes.

With Lance and one large bucket at the ready I proceeded to let the water rip through the system at high pressure as seen below.

Blast it Out in position and ready to go to work!

The stuff that came out from the BW line was basically all the calcified build up over the many years and we had to repeat the process eleven times before the water ran clean and no more concrete nasties appeared.

There is another issue with NoFlex Digestor in that the product is granula and takes a very long time to disolve. As such, if you do as instructed and place it in your head, then flush it down you are likely to ruin the flush ball and head seals as I did. A far better idea would be to put the head in service mode (ie flush ball all the way back) and place the product directly into the BW pipe. 

So, be warned, No Flex Digestor is great and it works really well, almost too well. If your boat it older than a year in age be prepared for a few duckbill changes as NoFlex goes to work on your system. I am going to continue to use the product as I feel confident all the nasties have gone, actually, delete that, to tell you the truth, as it stands right now, I am NOT sure what I am going to do moving forward. Many just wait until Seattle to have the physical lines changed next year then resume with NoFlex as a preventative measure.

The last job on the list was to replace the upholstery on our rather worn out Stidd helm chair. With help from the friendly folks at Stidd my new parts arrived and were installed in minutes. To tell you the truth I was not sure if Stidd were going to be able to help me but apparently they offer this service so for those out there that want a new look or want to renew their helm chair then I reckon you can’t go past Stidd to get the work done. All up it costs me $1450.00 which is pretty good as I reckon I would have paid at least $1000 to have it reupholstered and who knows what the quality of the job would have been like!

the old chair in need of help

Job done and even more comfortable than before!

As usual my next blog will cover off the financials for the year which should be out mid-December so stay tuned. If you haven’t seen the last three year’s numbers then please click HERE. As I always say, it’s one thing owning a boat like this, another running and maintaining it!

Stay safe


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