A Few Pics…

Just thought I would send a few pictures which were going to record the start of the journey, that as it has turned out, never was. That said, weather is continuing to deteriate here and as more time passes the more I am reassured that the right decision was made. I must confess that it did take every ounce of strength I had to call the trip off, but now feel good about the decision and while dissapointing it is not the end of the world.
foggy days on Pendana
Departing Broken Bay for Sydney Harbour 3pm 10th december 2012
As I think I have already mentioned we were met on our trip south to Sydney Harbour with 16ft/4.8mtr seas and had to reduce speed in exchange for comfort and while not a great start Pendana handle the sea beautifully and at no time was there any danager to those aboard. Picture below is of my daughter Abi in the rear cockpit watching the seas pass by.
rough seas heading to Sydney
With 16ft / 4.8mtr seas Pendana sure did pick up some salt along the trip south. In fact, I am thinking of going in to the salt business as there is just so much of the stuff stuck to her its not funny. Photo below taken last night while at anchor, salt clearly visible on pilothouse windows. So the job for tomorrow is to give poor old Pendana a quick wash.
Pendana pilothouse
In short the plan now is to stay in Sydney Harbour until Thursday after refuelling at Baileys fuel supplies in White Bay then head back to Broken Bay, spending the night in Pittwater or Refuge Bay returning to our home Marina on Friday or Saturday. We will re group and decide where to from there. We may fly to NZ for a few days next week before returing to Sydney for Christmas and then we will execute our fall back plan of fireworks and New Years Eve in Sydney Harbour which all things considered is not a bad fall back plan to have. That said, my charming wife actually uttered the suggestion that we try again early January, so stay tuned.
Picture below was taken this morning at around 6:30am when the divers came to clean Pendana’s hull. This was something that was ovredue so needed doing anyway. We have our hull cleaned every three months which does two things, first, improves fuel consumption by about 1.5gallons per hour (5.67ltrs) and secondly improves the life of virtually all antifoul paints by removing the growth that occurs naturally. Either way, having ones hull cleaned just makes sense.
Dave and the boys cleaning
Finally, thank you to everyone who emailed me with commets of support for the decision that was made, truly very comforting and while I was confident that the right decision was made I was pleased that most seemed to agree. One email in particulr made me laugh outload and is still making me laugh as I can so imagine the same thing happening aboard Pendana. Email listed below.
From RB
Kia Orana James from Rarotonga,

Re your excellent blog. Absolutely the right decision. We have a home at Palm Beach looking out over Pittwater. 20+ years ago we brought our 75ft. ketch from the harbour to Pittwater and had to physically restrain my wife from jumping overboard she was soo sick. The seas were huge and it took us 5 hours from Sydney to RPAYC. We made the trip to NZ a few weeks later when the weather service was much less sophisticated and the trip was a nightmare. 40 kts winds and 20 to 30ft seas at 7-10 sec intervals almost the entire way. It took me 10 years to get my wife back on a boat and we are in process to order N86/11. Travel safely. Kia Manuia Richard

Well, I thought it was funny and certainly arrived at the right time.
What I have decided to do is have Fleetweather deliver me the actual weather conditions in a report of what weather we would have struck if we had left. I will then blog this to the site with the acutal forecasts we received, the thinking behind why we cancelled the trip, i.e. what was going through our heads together with the actual weather that would have been encountered if we had gone. While for some this may be a bit boring, for others I am sure there will be some interest, after all, I am sure we all think of what might have been if decisions had been different. 
Next blog with weather data report next week. For now, time to relax and watch the drizzle fall here in Sydney Harbour. Also time for another cigerette!
Safe travels

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  1. SUBJECT: Weather decisions

    Sounds like you made the right call- it is amazing how difficult those calls can be. As a pilot we spend lots of time working those details as well. I still remember my first flight instructor-“better to be on the ground wishing you were flying than flying wishing you were on the ground!”

    Love the updates, keep them coming.

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  2. Anthony Dodd (T2 International

    SUBJECT: RE: We are underway and heading for New Zealand. Well, we were..

    Mate, you must be so disappointed, good skipper call never the less, there is nothing smart about sailing into trouble.

    Keep me posted

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  3. Hi Guys, awesome endeavour! Love the boat. I am interested in some more info on your ‘Duncan Drive’. I have googled the subject and could not find anything. Do you have a web address you could post?

    >>James, thank you for your comment re the Duncan Drive. No there is no website that I can find other than the chap who designed it is called, J. Warren Duncan. It is a very nice device, basically a hydraulically drive drive which you engage around the main prop shaft if for some reason main engine suffers a loss of power. Power supplied to Duncan Drive via wither generator. Will drive Pendana along at about 5kts.


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